Moving forward, a spotter is required, with no exceptions. A Hans device or similar neck restraint is also required to be on the racetrack. A foam collar does not qualify as a neck restraint. These rules are put in place to protect your drivers. These items will be enforced at all races, and it is best to keep everyone safe and aware of other cars on the racetrack. See you all at the next race!

Twin 50 Lap Features Every Night!

$750 to Win Each 50 Lap Race!

$16,250 in Point Fund Money!

$3,500 to Win Points Fund!

$100 Fast Qualifier Award!

Frank Kimmel Dillon Fast Qualifier.jpg
Larry Wilcox Dillom.jpg

 Mooresville, N.C.- The Grand National Super Series presented by Engineered Components Co. put on quite the show Saturday night at Dillon Motor Speedway.  It was a hot one both on and off the track. Frank Kimmel was the fast qualifier, ending A.J. Henriksen's pole streak. The entire field was inverted putting Frank, A.J. and Joe Wilder in the back. The race started and Marc Jones led his first laps of the season and was holding the field off until a caution came out for Kevin Kromer who hit oil and spun in the middle of turns three and four ending his race. The green flew once again, and it would be Kimmel leading the field as they came back around. The man on the move was Joe Wilder with Henriksen in tow. As the race forged on Kimmel and Wilder pulled ahead of the field and it seemed as if Wilder was going to get his chance to make a move on Kimmel. With two laps to go Wilder got loose coming off turn four giving Kimmel enough room to hold him off for the win. Your top five for the first race was Kimmel, Wilder, Henriksen, Mike Kurkowski, and Cody Dennison with his first top five of the season. 

    For the second race the entire field would be inverted once again putting Wilder and Kimmel in the back. Kevin Kromer who had damaged his car in the first race would drive Mike Kurkowski's 54 machine.  Once the green dropped Lauren Butler made her presence known leading 10 laps. Kimmel, Henriksen, and Wilder methodically worked their way through traffic making their way to the front of the field. This time it would be Henriksen challenging Kimmel for the win. The two worked their way through lapped traffic, A late race caution once again bunched up the field giving Henriksen his chance to strike. However, it would not be. Kimmel got an impeccable restart. At the end it would be Kimmel, Henriksen, Wilder, Lauren Butler, and Marc Jones would round out your top five. Winning Saturday night was special to Frank Kimmel as it was Charles Hutto Memorial night. Frank and Hutto grew close when Hutto drove a car in The Frank Kimmel Street Stock Series, forging a friendship. 


    The next GNSS event will be at Carteret County Speedway in Swansboro, North Carolina on August 13th. We would like to thank our awesome sponsors who make all this possible; Engineered Components Co, Howe Racing Enterprises, Chalew Performance, and Circle Track Warehouse.

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Countdown to Carteret County Speedway on August 13th, 2022!

Cartert Speedway Logo.png

Contigencey Sponsors Secured! 

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with multiple companies through the 2022 season striking contingency partnership deals. 

Chalew Performance will be providing $100 in store credit to the fast qualifier of each event.

Howe Racing will be issuing $50 to the harder charger of each feature race.

Circle Track Warehouse has announced they are contributing $50 for hard luck of the event and $200 for the longest tow.

More details to come!