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Grand National Super Series

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GNSS Race Updates

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We will be going LIVE for all of our races! SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel!! Make sure to check the time on our facebook page when we go LIVE. We will post a link straight to our LIVE STREAM for our feature races.

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Contigencey Sponsors Secured! 

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with multiple companies through the 2023 season striking contingency partnership deals. 

Chalew Performance will be providing $100 in store credit to the fast qualifier of each event.

Howe Racing will be issuing $50 to the harder charger of each feature race.

Circle Track Warehouse has announced they are contributing $50 for hard luck of the event and $200 for the longest tow.



Moving forward, a spotter is required, with no exceptions. A Hans device or similar neck restraint is also required to be on the racetrack. A foam collar does not qualify as a neck restraint. These rules are put in place to protect your drivers. These items will be enforced at all races, and it is best to keep everyone safe and aware of other cars on the racetrack. See you all at the next race!

Twin 50 Lap Features Every RACE EVENT!

$750 to Win Each 50 Lap Race!
$16,250 in Point Fund Money!
$3,500 to Win Points Fund!
$100 Fast Qualifier Award!

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