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Race Results for

Dominion Raceway 



Dominion Raceway got a taste of the thrills of the Grand National Super Series presented by Engineered Components Company. Two first time GNSS winners made their way to victory lane this past weekend. Both races came down to the final corner keeping the fans on their feet. The day began with a delayed early practice. The previous day's rain had brought the weepers out. Jason Kitzmiller would take the top spot closely followed by Jake Christman foreshadowing the races to come. In the second round of practice, it would be Christman at the top in his 71 Bikers Against Cop Killers car. This would be Christman's first GNSS appearance in a team car to 77 Kevin Kromer. The third practice would feature Bob Schacht in the Engineered Components Company 75 in the top spot in his return to the cockpit. The fourth and final practice would have Joe Wilder in the 42 Mopar Mafia Dodge. Qualifying would be up next. Nobody lays down a lap quite like A.J. Henriksen. He would win the Chalew Pole Award with a 15.988 lap. The field would be inverted by six cars for the first race.

The invert would place Joe Wilder and Kevin Kromer on the front row. When the green dropped Wilder wasted no time getting ahead of Kromer. The man on the move was Jason Kitzmiller. Kitzmiller picked them off one by one putting himself behind Wilder and in position to take the lead. Kitzmiller would take the top spot on lap one and hold onto it until the end. The rookie Jake Christman was right on his tail though. Christman made sure Kitzmiller knew he was back there. Bob Schacht suffered mechanical failures and was unable to finish race one. Race one went caution free except for the competition caution on lap twenty, which is a new rule that the drivers voted for in the drivers meeting.

Race two would once again see the top six be inverted putting Marc Jones and Kevin Kromer on the front row. Kromer would lead the first lap but Jones wanted a piece of the action. Jones would lead eighteen laps before young Jake Christman was knocking on the door. Christman was able to get around Jones on lap twenty-one. Kitzmiller was not far behind, working his way through the field. A.J. Henriksen was also making his way to the front. Henriksen battled a tight car all day and seemed to have made the right adjustments for the second race. Jeremy Mayfield was also making his way through traffic. Mayfield also struggled getting his car dialed in. He described it as just neutral. The final laps would be a barn burner with Christman and Kitzmiller battling for the top spot. With two to go Christman grazed the front stretch wall, but he didn't let that slow him down. He kept right on digging, fighting Kitzmiller off. Christman would gain his first GNSS series victory in only his first appearance. Schacht was able to change a gear in-between races but it was not enough. He came to the garage before the race would end. Larry Wilcox suffered motor issues and was unable to finish race two. The Howe Enterprises Hard Charger for race one was Jason Kitzmiller, and Jake Christman was the hard charger for race two. Christman who was a team car to series regular Kevin Kromer had a full pit. Their sponsor B.A.C.K. (Bikers Against Cop Killers) had several members on hand for Christman's first victory. Cody Dennison joined with Jody Cash's Mopar Mafia driving a team car to Joe Wilder.

The next Grand National Super Series presented by Engineered Components Company event will be May 13th at Franklin County Speedway. We would like to thank Dominion Raceway for their hospitality, Engineered Components Company for everything they do, Chalew, Howe, Dave Jensen, Circle Track Warehouse, and Versalift East for their continued support.

Race 1 Results

1.Jason Kitzmiller

2. Jake Christman

3. Joe Wilder

4. A,J. Henriksen

5. Kevin Kromer

6. Marc Jones

7. Jeremy Mayfield

8. Cody Dennison

9. Donnie Doster

10. Larry Wilcox

11 Bob Schacht

Race 2 Results

1 Jake Christman

2 Jason Kitzmiller

3 A.J. Henriksen

4 Jeremy Mayfield

5 Kevin Kromer

6 Joe Wilder

7 Marc Jones

8 Donnie Doster

9 Cody Dennison

10 Larry Wilcox

11 Bob Schacht

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