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New River All American Speedway Race Results 09/02/23


Saturday night was a night filled with redemption and first for the Grand National Super Series presented by Engineered Components Company. A strong field of fourteen cars showed up for the first Anchor Bolt Triple Crown event at New River All American Speedway. The day began with two ten minute practice sessions. Mike Kurk was atop the charts for practice one and Kevin Kromer in practice two, foreshadowing the events to come. Mitchell Stapleton was set to make his debut in the 38 car for Jody Cash's Mopar Mafia. However, this would not be as his teammate Joe Wilder suffered engine troubles in his 42 Mopar car. Stapleton graciously gave his seat to Wilder who is running for points in GNSS.

Qualifying would begin around 6:15 p.m. Jason Kitzmiller held the top spot for quite a while before Mike Kurk went out and took it away. This would be the first Chalew Pole Award for Kurk. There would be an eight car invert for race one putting Donnie Doster and ten time ARCA champion Frank Kimmel on the front row. Kimmel was undefeated in GNSS competition.

When the green flag dropped for race one it was Mike Kurk in his ShowTime Motorsports 54S. Kurk and Doster battled back and fourth several laps before Kurk finally pulled away. A.J. Henriksen would work his way up challenging Kurk. Henriksen would eventually get around Kurk. But it would be short lived as Kevin Kromer wanted to make his presence known. Kromer would pass Henriksen and take the lead. Kurk however, wasn't done. Kurk would regain the lead on lap thirteen and not give it up. This would be the most lead changes for GNSS before lap twenty. Kurk would go on to lead the most laps, earn the Howe Enterprises Hard Charger Award, and win the race. Kromer would come in second and Jason Kitzmiller in third.

For race two there would be a six car invert. This put Doster back on the front row along with A.J. Henriksen. Kurk and Kromer would start fifth and sixth. The green flew once more and it was Henriksen with the jump on everyone. Henriksen pulled away for several laps. However low and behold he would look in his rear view mirror and see Kurk after a few laps. Before Kurk could make his move the 66 car of Larry Wilcox had an engine expire leaving a long trail of oil around the 4/10th mile track. This brought out a lengthy red flag. The cars were brought down pit road during the clean up allowing them to get their windshields serviced and a fresh drink of water. Once the clean up was complete the cars rode back out on the track. Once the green was reinstated the 54S of Mike Kurk was on a mission. He made quick work of Henriksen pulling away from the field. Kevin Kromer was not to be out done. Kromer was hungry for his first win of 2023. Kromer has watched his 71 car driven by Jake Christman park it in victory lane twice in 2023. Kromer was able to hunt Kurk down. It would not be an easy task to work around the veteran 54S driver. Kromer and Kurk were door to door in the final laps with Kevin Kromer being the victor. Kurk would finish second and Henriksen third. Kromer would capture his first victory of 2023 and the Howe Enterprises Hard Charger for race two.

A thank you to Marc Jones and Nightmare of Jones Motorsports for hosting Dennis Frame this weekend at New River All American Speedway. Dennis was the winner of a contest on Jones Motorsports' spotter Nightmare's weekly podcast. Thank you to the amazing owners and staff of New River All American Speedway, and the great fans who stuck out the red flag.

The next GNSS event and the second leg of the Anchor Bolt Triple Crown Challenge will be at Dominion Raceway on September 30th as the race at Lonesome Pines Raceway was cancelled by the track as it is up against the Bristol Cup date.

For more information please visit GNSS on the world wide web and on our social media platforms.

Race 1 Results

1. Mike Kurk

2. Kevin Kromer

3. Jason Kitzmiller

4. Frank Kimmel

5. A.J. Henriksen

6. Donnie Doster

7. Larry Wilcox

8. Cody Dennison

9. Marc Jones

10. Dusty Silvers

11. Brian Sossebee

12. Joe Wilder

13. Bob Schacht

Race 2 Results

1. Kevin Kromer

2. Mike Kurk

3. A.J. Henriksen

4. Frank Kimmel

5. Jason Kitzmiller

6. Donnie Doster

7. Joe Wilder

8. Cody Dennison

9. Dusty Silvers

10. Brian Sossebee

11. Marc Jones

12. Larry Wilcox

13. Bob Schacht

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