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For Immediate Release 


Mooresville, N.C. - The Grand National Super Series presented by Engineered Components Co finally has its first event under its belt. Saturday at Caraway Speedway started out as the first two scheduled events with rain. Just as everyone began to question if history would repeat itself, the clouds parted, and the sun came out. Shortly after, the trucks rolled in, and cars were unloaded. Although the rain and personal reasons kept a few competitors from coming out, eight warriors showed up to compete for the wins. Drivers came from near and far, with the furthest being Eric Barber from Parkersburg, West Virginia. 

 A.J. Henricksen was the one to beat in practice. However, Clayton Rogers was not about to let Henricksen have all the fun. Clayton Rogers took the Chalew pole award. After the invert, Clayton Rogers started 6th in the first race and fought his way through the pack to take the lead. Once Clayton was out front, he set the pace and showed the field how to maneuver the .455 short track. Rogers took the win in the first fifty-lap feature, working his way from 6th and collecting the Howe hard charger award.  

    The second race geared up shortly after, with Clayton Rogers and A.J. Henriksen starting side by side again in 5th and 6th after the invert. Clayton, A.J., and Bob Schacht battled their way through traffic to get to the top three positions. There were great battles throughout the field between Mark Jones and Mike Kurkowski. A.J. Henricksen posted the fasted lap of the race but got held up in lapped traffic and was unable to catch Clayton. "This is my first win in my 40s, and this is the first race my daughter has been to since she was four. She was actually the one who convinced me to race tonight." Rogers said in victory lane. In the end, Clayton Rogers came home with two feature wins, the pole and the hard charger award. 

 The next event will take place on June 4th at Tri-County Speedway in Granite Falls, North Carolina. 

 Also, please note we have had a schedule change. We will not be at Orange County Speedway on July 16th. Instead, we will be going to Goodyear All American Speedway in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

 We want to thank all our sponsors who make this great series possible; Engineered Components Co, Chalew Performance, Howe Racing Enterprises, and Circle Track Warehouse.

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