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Montgomery Motor Speedway 06/17/23

It was a hot night at Montgomery Motor Speedway Saturday, both on and off the track. Two different drivers were able to take home the hardware. There were two practice sessions. Jason McDowell topped the charts in the first session while Kevin Kromer held the top spot in the second session. 2022 champion A.J. Henriksen would return after a missing a race, and Cody Dennison would be back in his 12 car for the first time in several races. As the cars were beginning to take the grid for qualifying the skies opened up. A brief rain delay cancelled qualifying, and the first race's starting lineup would be set by practice speeds from round one of practice with a six-car invert. This would put Kevin Kromer and Donnie Doster on row one. When the green flew Kromer took off. Kromer would lead several of the first laps before A.J. Henriksen in his Engineered Components Company 79 worked his way around him. Henriksen would have company though. Jeremy Mayfield was right on his tail working his way around Kromer as well. The competition caution fell on lap 21, bunching the field back up. This would bring Henriksen and Mayfield side by side. Mayfield would get an excellent restart. He immediately took the top position. Through the field battles were waging. Teammates Joe Wilder and Jason McDowell battled back and forth for several laps. Donnie Doster and Wesley Scott, who returned to Jody Cash's 38 Mopar Mafia car, battled heavily. Kevin Kromer would have mechanical failures in his 77 Bikers Against Cop Killers Toyota and would retire for race one. Mayfield appeared to be on rails as he grew his lead. Mayfield would be able to keep his lead over Henriksen and take the win for race one. Cody Dennison would be the Howe Enterprises Hard Charger for race one and also obtain his best GNSS finish to date of fifth.

Race two would be the final race of the evening in Montgomery. Kevin Kromer's 77 would be done for the evening, but ShowTime Motorsports offered him a ride in the 54 car. Doster and Dennison would be on the front row. Once that green flagged dropped Jason McDowell took off. He would lead the field for several laps in his 30, R.L. Henry Inc., Hawkins Insurance, Glenco Insulation, Lindsay's Ring and Pinon, JMAC Fabrication Dodge. But Henriksen wanted a piece of the action. He would hunt McDowell down. The caution would come out for Cody Dennison, who lost power and was unable to make it to pit road. This was bad news for McDowell. He had established a lead over Henriksen but the caution would put them side by side. The green flew once again. McDowell and Henriksen battled for the lead, but it would be Henriksen when they came back around. Mayfield was also on the move. He was trying to get around Joe Wilder's Dallas Metal Products, yellow 42. on lap twenty-one McDowell, who had been running so strong all weekend made his way to pit road. His team comprised of several former members of Phoenix racing went to work assessing the issue. The crew decided it would not be fixable and that was the end of the night for McDowell. A few laps later bad luck would befall another member of the Mopar Mafia. Wesley Scott had mechanical failures that would end his night and bring him to the garage. Henriksen though was having a great race. He was maintaining his lead but Mayfield was coming. The two were approaching lapped traffic and Henriksen knew he had to play his cards right to hold off Mayfield. Mayfield and Henriksen would split the 47 car coming off four in the final laps. Henriksen was able to perform the maneuver so smoothly and hold on to the lead and take home the win for race two. Both Donnie Doster and Dusty Silvers had their career best finishes in the Grand National Super Series presented by Engineered Components Company.

The next Grand National Super Seies event will be July 1st at Pulaski County Motorsports Park, previously known as Motor Mile. The best way to stay on track with your favorite drivers and teams is to follow our social media accounts. and


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Race 1 Results

1. Jeremy Mayfield

2. A.J. Henriksen

3. Jason McDowell

4.Joe Wilder

5. Cody Dennison

6. Donnie Doster

7. Wesley Scott

8. Dusty Silvers

9. Brian Sosebee

10. Kevin Kromer

11. Mike Kurk

12. Bob Schacht

Race 2 Results

1. A.J. Henriksen

2. Jeremy Mayfield

3. Joe Wilder

4. Donnie Doster

5. Dusty Silvers

6. Brian Sosebee

7. Kevin Kromer

8. Wesley Scott

9. Jason McDowell

10. Mike Kurk

11. Cody Dennison

Written by JD Bowsher

Jeremy Mayfield WINS the first feature of the night at Montgomery Motor Speedway!
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