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Pulaski County Motorsports Park 07/01/23

This past Saturday saw the Grand National Super Series Presented by Engineered Components Company make their first appearance at Pulaski County Motorsports Park. The twin fifties were filled with heart pounding, blood pumping excitement as fans saw A.J. Henriksen and Jeremy Mayfield take home the hardware. The day began with an early test session where the vast majority of the drivers participated. This would be followed by two practice sessions. Both Jason Kitzmiller and A.J. Henriksen took the top spots for those sessions. Shortly after would be qualifying. Jason Kitzmiller set a blistering pace, but Jason McDowell would only be one thousandth of a second behind him. The field would see a six-car invert putting Kevin Kromer and Joe Wilder on the front row.

When the green fell it would be Wilder to get out front and lead the field. Wilder wheeled his Dallas Metal Products, WesPro JCB Dodge holding off A.J. Henriksen for several laps before Henriksen was able to make his way around Wilder. It almost appeared as if Henriksen would drive away in his ECC machine but a competition caution on lap twenty would restack the field. Kitzmiller would get a phenomenal restart propelling him to the lead. The cautions would come out on lap twenty-two as Jason McDowell went around off turn four spinning to avoid contact with Jeremy Mayfield. While under caution the 97 car of Jason Kitzmiller lost power in turn four. He was pushed back to the pits where the crew assessed the situation realizing there was a loose battery terminal causing the car to get no power. A minor adjustment and Kitzmiller was back on the track just in time. Henriksen would be the leader. Henriksen held off several charges from Jeremy Mayfield, but he knew he had to go as Kitzmiller was working his way through the pack. Henriksen would hold on until the end beating Mayfield and Kitzmiller. A.J. Henriksen would also be the Howe Enterprises Hard Charger for race one. Passing the most cars in the field.

There would be a four-car invert for race two. This would put Wilder and Kitzmiller on the front row. When the race began Kitzmiller shot out like a cannon. Wilder was shuffled back, and it would soon be evident why. As the field would start to shake out the lap twenty competition caution would come out. This happened at impeccable time for Joe Wilder. Wilder took advantage and came down pit road. The hood went up and Jody Cash went to work. Wilder was losing his power steering. Cash topped off the power steering fluid and sent Wilder back out. The green would fly once again and Kitzmiller was off again. This time he would have Jeremy Mayfield after him. Kitzmiller held the lead for several laps, but Mayfield caught him. The two battled side by side for several laps. Never touching but neck to neck at the line for several laps. In the end it was Mayfield to take the checkered flag. Jason McDowell would be the Howe Enterprises Hard Charger for race two. McDowell would start last and race his way to fourth.

The next GNSS event will be at Carteret County Speedway 07/22/23.


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Race One Results

1. A.J. Henriksen

2. Jeremy Mayfield

3. Jason Kitzmiller

4. Joe Wilder

5. Kevin Kromer

6. Marc Jones

7. Donnie Doster

8. Jason McDowell

9. Bob Schacht

Race Two Results

1.Jeremy Mayfield

2. Jason Kitzmiller

3. A.J. Henriksen

4. Jason McDowell

5. Kevin Kromer

6. Marc Jones

7. Joe Wilder

8. Donnie Doster

9. Bob Schacht

Written by JD Bowsher

AJ Henriksen WINS the first feature of the night at Pulaski County Motorsports Park!
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